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Aligning your body, mind and soul is one of the basic principals for a healthy and rich life. 

Join one of our classes to experience this for yourself!

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Ancient old wisdom, techniques and knowledge has started to flow into Western society. We are dedicated to spreading these teachings and help you fully tap into life force energy.

We offer Tantra Workshops for couples that empower you and your partner to get the most out of life and love.


Bodywork goes where no casual therapy goes. Surrender into your body, breathe and dive into your tensions, pains, shames and traumas to finally release them.

Full Body Dearmouring sessions are available to anyone willing to work on their selves.

Full Body Dearmouring

In a Full Body Dearmouring session, you will dive deep into your own body. Working with your emotional and physical body, you will discover tensions you probably never knew they were there.

During this two to three hour session, you can safely surrender and experience the release of any physical and emotional tensions, pains, traumas or blockages.

Whether you are aware of any of these tensions or not, they will surface and can be life-changing.

Full Body Dearmouring is not for everyone, so be sure to read more about this here:

Start your transformation Now!

It takes courage to step into the process that leads to transformation.

If you want to change the way you live, show up and deal with situations, you need to work on this, and it’s not going to be easy.

If you are suffering from pains, stress, tensions or traumas, you will need to face them and transform them into their healthy counterpart.


All you need to do is say YES to change!


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