Tree of Unity.


Tree of Unity is meant to bring people together who offer healing and those who seek healing. The tree stands for the strong base, with many branches and leaves that represent life and healing, in many different ways. Unity stands for unite, uniting healing modalities, healers and their proven quality and finally people that are ready for transformation and healing.

Full Body Dearmouring, Aguahara, Breathwork, Deep Tissue Massage, Coaching. Just to name a few modalities that could work for a person that wants to develop their personal strengths and let go of what doesn’t serve them.

Tree of Unity is a community. A group of people who are willing, living to serve. The services we offer (which is constantly increasing) are handpicked and approved for their quality and effect.

Whenever you feel like you want to work on yourself, work through trauma, tensions, pains and stuck emotions. If you want to grow as a person, or want to help others in this process, Tree of Unity is the place you want to go to.

There’s many different healing modalities out there. And they’re all working, but not for everyone. Every person needs a different approach, one that works for them. At Tree of Unity we are working to offer a wide range of powerful techniques, to cover of all people’s needs.


We are based in Ubud (Bali, Indonesia). Depending on the type of session, we will inform you about the exact location as requirements and group size varies for every event.


Tree of Unity is founded by René Bos, Full Body Dearmouring Practitioner and living life from a yogic and tantric perspective.

René is a creator, a caretaker and always involved with people and their growth.

René Bos

Founder and Full Body Dearmouring Practitioner

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